What do flower types and colours mean

What is the standard symbolism of the Iris flower?

Iris flowers are well recognised for their iconic purple and blue hues. The flower is commonly known as the symbol of the Greek messenger goddess, Iris. The word iris comes from the Greek name for the rainbow and refers to its multi-hued petals. Iris was the daughter of Thaumas and Electra. She was the messenger to the gods, and a mediator between Zeus, Hera, and mortals. Iris is also known as the goddess of rainbows, and the one who delivered good news. The scientific name of the iris flower, Iris, is derived from the Greek messenger goddess, Iris. A lot of the bouquets used by include the Iris, Rose or Lily featured in this article

What does the Lily mean

The Lily history goes back some 6, 000 years, to the time when people first began to decorate their homes with blooms. The first water lilies originated in the New World, but only the Aztecs of Mexico dared to wear the flowers. (It was Spain’s missionaries who first brought the flowers back to Europe, where they were initially thought to be poisonous.) However, the first Lily to impact the world of fashion was a hybrid white water lily named ‘Trumpet’. It was named after the shape of its flower. The flower was also a great favourite of Queen Victoria. A lot of the bouquets used by include the Iris, Rose or Lily featured in this article

What is the standard symbolism of the Orchid flower?

Orchids are a popular houseplant choice and for a good reason. These beautiful flowers are known for their stunning array of colours, shapes, and sizes. And while we all know they’re gorgeous, did you know that these flowers have a long history? Curiously, the very first orchids grew on Earth millions of years ago, and despite these flowers’ popularity today, they were once considered a rare novelty.

What is the standard symbolism of the Rose flower?

Rosariums can be traced back to the Garden of Eden, where God’s command to “possess the land” was fulfilled by Adam and Eve’s cultivation of the land. The Bible tells us that Eve was a skilled herbalist and “gave Adam a gift of the fruit of good and evil, ” which most scholars believe to be the actual, physical fruit of a rose plant. Although the Bible doesn’t mention their specific species, many scholars believe these first roses were Rosa Galicia cultivars.

What is the standard symbolism of the Hydrangeaflower?

This stunning flowering shrub is known to have been in cultivation for centuries in Japan and China. It made its first appearance in Europe during the mid-1700s. Hydrangea is a member of the family Saxifragaceae, which includes another popular ornamental shrub known as the Snowdrop. The Hydrangea genus is broken down further into several subgenera, the most popular being the Macropetalum, Grandiflorum, and Nanum. The Grandiflorum subgenus is by far the most popular, and the term Hydrangea is often used to refer to the entire subgenus.

What is the standard symbolism of the Daisy flower?

Daisies, with over 100 different varieties, are one of the most common flowers. They can be used as a border in the garden or as a pot plant on the patio. However, knowing the history of this flower might be more useful than you might think. In the early 1500’s, the valley of the Dutch river, Wilhelmina, was a place of innocent beauty. The area was abundant with daisies, which is why they gave the area its name. However, this would not be the only time that daisies would be the topic of a biographical novel.