The Essential Supplies and Equipment You Need To Clean Your Pool

With summer quickly approaching,you may be making a list of all of the outdoor chores you need to complete to get your backyard ready for cookouts,family gatherings,and other activities. If you have a pool,you may be getting it ready for the summer. However,before you start picking out your bathing suit,think about the last time you really cleaned your pool. It is important to have the right set of supplies before you begin the task of cleaning your pool.
Let’s face it. It is likely you have put off cleaning the pool because it is a lot more fun swimming in the pool than cleaning it. However,if you do not make it a habit to clean the pool properly and on a regular basis,there will come a moment when you will not be able to swim in it simply because it will be too dirty. Your only choice after that will be for you and your guests to run through the sprinkler.

Fortunately,with the right equipment,some sweat,and a little elbow grease,you will be able to vacuum,skim and brush your way to a pool that is sparkling clean.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Pool
You may be wondering why you need to clean your pool when you add chlorine and other chemicals to the water. However,think of it in this way. When you bathe or shower,you use body wash,shampoo,soap,and other cleaning agents to get your body clean. These same cleaning products will not keep your tub or shower clean.

If you do not clean your tub or shower regularly after you bathe,you will begin to see signs of mildew,soap scum and other types of buildup.

The same theory applies to your backyard pool. Chlorine and other chemicals will keep the water,floor,and walls of the pool clean to a degree,these chemicals will not remove bugs or leaves out of the pool. Also,they will not keep the floor and walls of the pool clean indefinitely. The pool will need to be scrubbed thoroughly when you are cleaning it.

Equipment For Cleaning Your Pool
Before getting started,you want to make sure you have all of the supplies you need. By having the tools you need in advance,cleaning the tool will be a lot easier for you. And,if cleaning the pool is an easy process for you,you will be inclined to clean the pool more often.
A telescopic pole is considered the Swiss Army Knife for pool cleaning. This pole allows you to attach many different things to the end of it. For example,you can attach:

BrushesSkimmer NetsVacuum Heads Plus Timers
As the name suggests,the pole can be extended to many lengths. You can purchase an 8-foot telescopic pole that extends out to 16 feet.

Skimmer nets are supplies that you will likely use more than any others. These nets allow you to collect debris that has settled on and below the water’s surface.

A manual pool vacuum should be used to remove any debris that the skimmer nets missed. You can use a pool vacuum every other day. Vacuuming a pool manually can be labor-intensive. A robotic vacuum is an alternative if you plan to use your pool daily during the summer.
It can be a bummer to be ready to enjoy your pool during the summer,but you can’t because of the leaves,dirt,and debris that is in the pool. Fortunately,with just a few supplies,you can make sure your pool is always ready for family and friends to enjoy.